Inhand Router Firmware upgrade Instruction
  • 11 Feb 2022
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Inhand Router Firmware upgrade Instruction

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Article Summary

Firmware file link:

The upgrading process can be divided into two steps.

In the first step:

Upgrading files will be written in backup firmware zone, e.g., the process in the section of System Upgrading

In second step:

Files in backup firmware zone will be copied to main firmware zone, which should be carried out during system restart. During software upgrading, any operation on web page is not allowed, otherwise software up grading may be interrupted.

From the navigation tree, select System >> Upgrade, then enter the "Upgrade" page.

To upgrade the system

Firstly, click choose the uprade file

Secondly, click and then click to begin upgrade

Thirdly, upgrade firmware succeed, and click to restart the device.