AI Color VMS
      • 23 Apr 2024
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      AI Color VMS

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      Compatible model: All Aibase Color products

      Release date: 2023-08-04


      Windows system please download here:

      AI Color VMS_P2P(64)_2.11.58_2023_08_04.exe

      Please contact with us if you want to use Beta version

      Windows system please download here2023-05-22:

      AI Color VMS_P2P(64)_2.10.83_2023_05_22.exe

      Release date: 2023-11-20

      Mac OS please download Here:


      AI Color VMS is an all in one video monitoring software that could help you manage your Aibase Color system. This software could do liveview, playback, Ai search, people counting, remote config and etc.

      Version update:

      1. Support mutiple fisheye camera dewarp function. Dewarp configuration in live view could be memorzied by VMS when VMS restart.

      2. VMS alarm schedule added.

      3. Email notification alart avalible when device offline

      4. Support one key trigger warning light and siren in liveview

      5. Support trigger alarm output manually in liveview