Inhand Industrial Cellular Router SIM card Configuration
      • 13 Feb 2024
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      Inhand Industrial Cellular Router SIM card Configuration

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      Article Summary

      Step 1:
      Get in the web interface of your in hand router using the IP

      Step 2:
      Use default/your username and password to log in to it
      Default username: adm
      Default password: 123456

      Step 3:
      Go to "Network" ---- "Cellular" to open the SIM card setting section.

      Type in a number for index and type in the APN(see below) of your card. Then press "add"

      Select your APN profile that you just created, select "profile 1" in "SIM1 Network Provider"
      Finally, press "Apply" to apply your change.

      From our Card
      ROTN APN : data641003
      Rogers APN : data641003

      From Bell card
      APN: (or:

      From Rogers card

      If the personal hotspot function of the SIM card is blocked. Please ask your network provider to enable the personal hotspot on the SIM card. Otherwise, this SIM card will not be able to connect to the internet properly.