How to Open the Door via external Exit Button
      • 19 May 2022
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      How to Open the Door via external Exit Button

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      Article Summary

      An exit button is usually connected to the input port of AiBase Smart Building door phone, when it is pressed, the device can trigger the corresponding relay port, so that the door will be opened. The exit button is a common way to unlock the door strike, this is usually for people who want to leave the building. And they can press the exit button to open the door.

      On the device web interface, navigate to Intercom > Input. (For VDP-AK-28RA, VDP-AK-29RC, VDP-AK-916XS)

      Operation Instruction

      • Make sure both exit button and door strike are connected to the device in a proper wiring way. You can refer to the wiring diagram in the product quick guide.
      • All door phone models can interact with the exit button.

      Operation Procedure

      1. Log in to the device webpage, and go to the input page, enable the input feature.
      2. Choose the Trigger Option, depending on the type of exit button.
      3. Choose the relay port to be triggered, it must be the relay connected with the door strike.
      4. Click Submit to save all settings.
      5. Now if press the exit button, a door strike will be triggered to unlock the door and the status of input will be switched.
      Figure1 and Figure2 correspond to all steps.