How to Configure Bluetooth Unlock in Door Phone
      • 25 Apr 2022
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      How to Configure Bluetooth Unlock in Door Phone

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      Article Summary

      AiBase smart Building provides lots of touchless unlock ways for customer, BLE are included(via SmartPlus). You can open the door by shaking the smart phone through bluetooth. After turning on the Bluetooth door opening function on the door phone, it will always be in the searching mode. Run the SmartPlus App on the phone and turn on the Bluetooth door opening function, it will always send broadcasts and carry special information. If the door phone finds that there are Bluetooth devices around, it will extract the information based on the received broadcast to filter out the SmartPlus App. According to the RSSI in the Bluetooth protocol, the door phone can know how far it is from the mobile phone and decide when to start the connection. After connecting, the SmartPlus App will send encrypted information such as MAC, card number, and random check number after shaking it, and the door phone will receive these encrypted information. (Multiple interactions, all encrypted information can be exchanged without one interaction) After the door phone decrypts the information according to the corresponding protocol, it extracts the card number sent by the SmartPlus App and uses it to swipe the card. If it is correct, it opens the door.

      Before Start

    • Applicable device: VDP-AK-916XS, VDP-AK-29RC.
    • Prerequisite: This function should work with the SmartPlus, and the phone should enable the Bluetooth. On the Smartplus, users also need to enable the BLE.
    • Supported phone brands: SAMSUNG, OPPO, HUAWEI, MI, VIVO, MEIZU, APPLE.

      Operation Procedure

      Device side, On the web portal, go to the path Access control - BLE to enable it. enter a suitable Rssi value for the unlock sensitive and thee open door interval time for twice BLE opening


      Smart phone side, Click the ME icon ,Go to Authorization>Bluetooth Unlock, then enable.



      If you need to check the parameter definition,please check the corresponding administrator guide.